I heard His name three times

Someone once said that things of importance that are meant to get our attention, often happen (or are seen, heard, etc.) 2 or 3 times in one day.  Do you think so?

The other day when I was in a coffee shop working on my computer, it was starting to get busy when at one point I heard someone at a table speak the name of Jesus.  As usual, my ears perk up when I hear his name – always discerning, perhaps, if it’s coming from a place of having experienced him.

I glanced over and couldn’t make out any of the surrounding conversation.  It just looked like nice people having a nice time.

Then about 15 minutes later I heard his name again, from a different table.

Then about another 15 minutes I heard his name spoken a 3rd time, again from a different table!

I thought it to be a little unusual.  No one appeared to be swearing, we aren’t in the Bible Belt, AND it wasn’t a Sunday. :-)

The next day when I was thinking about it more, I asked the Lord about it.  I felt him say, “I know how much you love My Name, and I was hoping it would get your attention. I miss you!”

My heart broke.  That the Lord would feeling that desperate for me, that He would go that length!  :-(

Personally, I think the Spirit of God speaks to everyone – a lot.  There’s a time and a place when we hear him better than other times, however.  For me, this incident impacted me greatly.  It has caused me to set aside more time being with Jesus.  It also inspired this new blog. I needed a place to record such experiences, and express emotions of love and thankfulness.  Even if those things are imperfect and need more light.


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