Fragrance For Christ

Linea Blomma flower
Linéa Blomma flowers, attached to a single root stem.

I was tired and sat down under the shadow of the great pines in a Swedish forest, glad to find such a cool retreat from the broiling sun. I had not been there long before I noticed a fragrant odor and wondered what it could be and where it came from.

No Maréchal Niel rose grew on that barren soil, nor could the sun penetrate the shades of the forest to extract its perfume even if it had; I looked round, and found by my side a tiny flower about half the size of an ordinary daisy, nearly hidden from view by the moss. It was the little “Linéa Blomma.”

Oh, how fragrant it smelt! Again and again I held it near my face, enjoying the perfume, and then I looked up and thanked God for that tiny flower – so insignificant, growing in a wild, almost untrodden forest, yet bringing cheer and refreshment to me.

I thought, why is it so obscure, when it is a flower with such fragrance, and surely worthy of a place in the most stately grounds? I learned a lesson by it, and it spoke powerfully to my heart.

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Today! (Part 6 of 6)


Never before had she seen the gate so open.
Never before had she longed so much to return home.
Never before had the warfare been so strong against it.

Today is the day,” the voice continued,
not yesterday, and not tomorrow.

Today,” she whispered back,
recognizing this was the same patient voice
that has been wooing her for awhile now.

Should she go back to say goodbye?
Or pack some clothes and food, and plan for all the unknowns?

Today!” a crashing cloud shouted, in the sky high above.

Today,” chirped a sparrow, in the olive tree nearby.

Today!” She fiercely echoed, out loud for herself to hear.

So tired of all her fears, and of all her nighttime longings,

She took a deep breath…a big step…

And walked through the gate ~

back to Eden.

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