Today! (Part 6 of 6)


Never before had she seen the gate so open.
Never before had she longed so much to return home.
Never before had the warfare been so strong against it.

Today is the day,” the voice continued,
not yesterday, and not tomorrow.

Today,” she whispered back,
recognizing this was the same patient voice
that has been wooing her for awhile now.

Should she go back to say goodbye?
Or pack some clothes and food, and plan for all the unknowns?

Today!” a crashing cloud shouted, in the sky high above.

Today,” chirped a sparrow, in the olive tree nearby.

Today!” She fiercely echoed, out loud for herself to hear.

So tired of all her fears, and of all her nighttime longings,

She took a deep breath…a big step…

And walked through the gate ~

back to Eden.

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Waiting (Part 5 of 6)

She waits at her gate,
patient with the silence,
yet sensing the cooler, more dusky air
filling the empty places
of the waning afternoon sun. 

Then, a small orchestra of crickets
begin to tune up their tiny fine instruments. 

Uncomfortable in body,
her mind wanders to memories
now behind her.

How she should have never entertained it,
when her heart was saying no.  

And how that thing that appears good,
so easily becomes enemy to the best.

Oh how long it’s been now,
and how hard to get back! 

A sensible decision – (so she thought)
to take the heat off. 
But with no heat, is no joy,
and to live a slave life is drudgery.

Oh my garden, my garden, how precious you were!
she cried.

Suddenly from inside her garden,
she hears a familiar voice respond,
”No, my Bride, how precious you are!”


The Voice of Perfect Love casts out all fear of punishment.
And His gentleness makes me strong again.
~ from 1 John 4:18 & Psa.18:35