Welcome Friends.

Why the name, “His Secret Garden?”

Well, first of all the beautiful garden metaphor is used throughout the Bible, and has many personal applications.  In fact the very first mention of a garden is the Genesis story of “Eden,” where humans enjoyed pure, unhindered relationship with God and nature.

It also means something to me personally.  When younger and just starting to hear the voice of God outside of religion, I was publicly accused by church leaders of being a “walled up garden” whose walls needed to come down.  The experience was manipulative and humiliating, but later on, my tears were turned into laughter when discovering in the Song of Songs that a walled up garden is not a negative thing! ¹  Rather, it is a protected and set apart place for Christ’s enjoyment. :-) 

Austin Sparks picThere is much to say about this walled garden, and what it means to be a fruitful and fragrant place in the midst of a dead and dry (religious) wilderness.  This blog will explore some of these things, including various aspects of the Song of Songs and the parable of sex that is so tenderly woven into garden language as well.  I have to admit, garden and nature metaphors, and the Song of Songs, has been my top focus of interest since that previously mentioned experience.  God uses all things for good! 

Meanwhile, we are hopefully seeking to nurture this “garden” for Christ’s pleasure together, so if you resonate with anything on this website, please feel free to share your own journey and thoughts.

Or email me privately, and we can chat!

In His love,

                                                 ¹ Song 4:12

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2 thoughts on “Welcome Friends.

  1. Hello Pamela – you sent us an email asking if you could use our tract Fragrance for Christ on your blog. Tried to email you a reply but it came back as undeliverable. Yes, you may use it on your blog. We do still print this tract, it’s just not on our website, but we don’t mind if you use it.
    Thanks for asking!
    Rhonda @ Osterhus Publishing


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