Something funny that happened

On a light note, after I wrote yesterday’s post about hearing things 3 x’s in one day,  I had a short dream last night.  It had my friend Kat Huff in it.  We were eating at a restaurant and 3 different men came up to us to talk, and said the word, “dingy.”  I don’t know why!  But when the 3rd person said the word “dingy,” we both looked at each other in amazement, and laughed and laughed!  We couldn’t believe 3 different people who did not know each other would use the same strange word in their conversation.

Upon waking, it then so happened that one of the very first Facebook posts I saw was of this old Laugh In skit with Lily Tomlin as Ernestine the Telephone Operator!  She was famous for dialing the phone saying, “One ringy dingy, two ringy dingy…”

I couldn’t help but know that then that the Lord was having fun with me.  He has such a goofy sense of humor! :-)

One thought on “Something funny that happened

  1. The night before last, Karen and I were out on the deck admiring the sunset and how it illuminated the San Juan islands and Vancouver island. The gradation of colors from the horizon were rainbow-like … red, orange, yellow, green, blue with many shades in between. In awe, I asked Him “how do You do that?”

    He replied “It’s a secret”.

    That’s something like I would say, which naturally made me wonder whether it was my own thought, or His voice … really, does it matter? He created me – He gave me a sense of humor – and if He had it to give, it must be His. And where He is giving me the mind of Christ and renewing my mind, and I am ever moving into greater one-ness with Him, again, does it matter whether He spoke the word, or we had a shared thought in one-ness? A shared laugh between brothers? Friends? Creator and creation?


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