The God of Interruptions

It was one of those days.  Continual interruptions that led to a frustration that I wasn’t getting everything done as quickly as planned.

It got me to wonder what an interruption really is.  At the core, I think, it assumes that what we’re doing is the “thing worth doing,” and everything else is slowing us down.  I don’t like the word.  Not when it steals my peace.  I think it should be banned from my vocabulary.  Like the word “obligation,” and “expectations,” and “church.”  But I digress… :-)

This might sound offensive.  But the thing I used to believe is that there is a devil that is personally involved in watching my every move, and when I am doing something that I think is connected to kingdom work or growth, he comes to attack me and thwart my efforts.  I have to admit it has sometimes comforted me to believe this! (and sometimes affirmed me in my deception…but that is another story).

Anyway — I wonder how many of these so-called “attacks” was presumptuous?  As if the “interruption” standing before me wasn’t worth my time, and the thing I was doing “for the Lord” was the most important thing?  Seriously, am I that important?  Cannot the Lord use an interruption?  Maybe even be IN that interruption?

Hebrews 13:1-2 comes to mind: Abide in love.  And be careful to show hospitality (i.e. a receiving heart and warm service) to strangers, for some of these people have been angels!

(Interesting!  When I was a kid I SOoooo badly wanted to see an angel!)

I wonder how many opportunities I have lost because of my ass-umptions?  How many people have been unloved, and not listened to deeply because I deemed them less worthy than my own plans?  Not to mention, how many angels have I passed by???

I’m not saying there aren’t real “attacks” on us per say, but more and more the lie of “religion” is manifesting itself in me as a judgement on people specifically, that sometimes I feel more important than them.

It’s something that He is weeding out of me.

P.S. I read this writing to my husband before posting it.  He kept interrupting me to comment, ask me to repeat myself, etc.  It took me awhile to realize what he was doing.  What a goof!

P.S.S. Incidentally came across this while thinking on this subject…


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