Sleepless in… (Fill in the Blank)

“Tell him … that I am sick with love.”  – The Song

Have you ever had love-sickness?  Sometimes I have a sleepless night because the excitement in my spirit makes me unable to relax in the flesh. The longing, the pleasure, and the energy is like no other!  I wonder if we will even need to sleep someday, when we shed these mortal bodies and put on new ones that are able to enjoy Him more fully.

On one of these sleepless nights I wrote a poem to describe this feeling of “love-sickness.”  Later my friend Marsela introduced me to another one that I think describes it MUCH better!

I’ll put both poems here.

How do you sleep?
When love surges through your veins
like a rushing river needing somewhere to go?
How do you wake?
When all night long and even now
Love’s arms are embraced all around you?
How do you live?
After Love so fiercely wanted you
That it died in the getting to you?
How do you escape this love?
…You don’t.


The love, the love that I bespeak,
Works wonders in the soul;
For when I’m whole it makes me sick,
When sick it makes me whole.
I’m overcome, I faint, I fail,
Till love shall love relieve;
More love divine the wound can heal,
Which love divine did give.
More of the joy that makes me faint,
Would give me present ease;
If more should kill me, I’m content
To die of that disease.

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