The Dancing Leaf

One morning with coffee in hand, I sat on my porch to start the day. I have received at least a few revelations at this special spot, so despite the fact the view isn’t great, (I live in an urban area) God often meets me there.

Nothing profound happened, really. It was a little dark and dusky, and the street lights were still on. I noticed my young maple tree had dark, reddish-brown leaves that were ever so slightly moving in the air. But one leaf in particular caught my attention. It was hanging low, and with an energy that didn’t match any movement in the air (that I noticed, anyways) it waved and spun with an uninhibited excitement. It was the only leaf on the tree doing that, so I just figured it was positioned in such a way to catch even the most imperceptible breeze. (There’s a picture of the leaf attached. It is the low hanging one.)

But I was mesmerized by the leaf. How cheerful and happy it seemed to be compared to the other, more sleepy leaves! And it wouldn’t rest. It was dancing so energetically that I began to worry about it.

“Stop spinning like that, little leaf,” I spoke aloud, “you’ll fall off!”

It sounded silly to talk to a leaf–especially to wish it would hang on. It was Autumn: all the leaves are destined to fall to the ground. But I just didn’t want that one happy, dancing leaf to be the first! 

But the leaf didn’t listen to me. It kept spinning, living life to the fullest, and catching the breath of God and bringing me happiness. 

That’s when I thought about someone dear to me who is no longer on the earth. How he lived so fearlessly right up to his last day, ministering to the needs of others more than himself. A positive and cheerful disposition. An overflowing love that touched everyone he came into contact with. A passion and priority for the Kingdom of God and all it stands for. It teared me up. I saw this man in that dancing leaf.

But I also saw all of us, who still have time left on earth. We too are called to dance, sing, and bring glory to God.

Half expecting the leaf to fall, I watched it for a long time. But it didn’t fall that morning. So I walked out to the tree and studied the markings of the dancing leaf. I know this too was silly, but I planned to check back periodically throughout the day and if it fell, I would try to find it.

Later that day, it did fall. In fact, the wind picked up and many of the tree’s leaves fell. To my dismay, the dancing leaf blended in with all the other leaves and I couldn’t find it. I kept trying, though. I walked around, kicked leaves, and bawled like a baby. I’m sure the neighbors must have thought I was crazy!

Finally gathering my composure, I heard the comfort of the Spirit speak. Let not your heart be troubled. No “leaf” falls to the ground without your heavenly Father knowing about it. He knows every dancing leaf, and He will bring them all to their reward!

Thank you Lord, for the special people you have given to us as gifts in our lives. And thank you for the promise of a resurrected life to come!

I am certain. I will see this dancing leaf again.

“Oh, blow upon us, O wind of God,
breathe upon us, O Spirit of The Lord.
Let us hear the melodies of heaven.”

— Originally written October 13, 2013

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