Hello, From the Goldenrods


Here in the Northeast U.S., passing through a gate between summer and fall, the “Golden Rods” are in full bloom. A field of these lowly “weeds” have been soaking in the sun’s rays for as long as they’ve been given time. Now as tall as they can be, and with full,”yellow” hands, they wave their gratitude with every breeze.

I took the below picture on a morning walk, while praying for the Bride. Quiet. Slightly moving but not too noticeable. It seems that “She” is in a state of rest, healing, and/or preparation. 

Take a moment to think back on your early days with Christ, when the “Son” seemed to be shining the brightest on you. Such warmth! Such light! I personally have such fondness for those days, and have been thinking about them lately.

There’s a lesson to be learned from late season flowers. Both they, and the Bride, express cheerful thankfulness for all that God has brought them through, and taught them.

God’s intent is still the same. His heart is to make your next season (even if there will be a storm or two to go through) overflowing with new warmth, and new light.

Rejoice in this. The Golden Rods are!

Important Note:

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