A Run-in With A Buck!

Majestic buckMy beloved is like a gazelle or a young stagSong 2:9

When running on our quiet, seasonal road, I was startled by a huge buck that suddenly jumped in front of me. He had a massive rack on his head. I must have startled him too, as he quickly turned direction to charge ahead of me, his hooves spraying dirt and rocks. He then found an opening in the hedgerow and with one huge, graceful leap, bounded into the woods.

I stopped and grabbed my heart. I felt all of it! The thundering of his hooves on the road, the speed and smoothness of his gait  — suddenly I understood —  right in that moment, why the beloved in the Song of Songs is often likened to a deer. (Or ram, stag, hart, gazelle, etc: depending on the translation) It’s the combination of strength and tenderness in one beautiful creature.

Had it been a cheetah, I would have been impressed with his grace and speed. Had it been a rhino, I would have been intimidated by his strength and power. But the deer, who stands about head tall with a human, is graceful and fast, as well as strong and regal. The combination of these characteristics is a good illustration a word that is often used for kings…”majestic.

And that is Jesus.

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beyond the sons of men!
Elegant grace pours out through every word you speak.
Truly God has anointed you, his favored one, for eternity!

Now strap your lightning-sword of judgment upon your side,
O mighty warrior, so majestic!
You are full of beauty and splendor as you go out to war!
In your glory and grandeur go forth in victory!
Through your faithfulness and meekness
the cause of truth and justice will stand.
Awe-inspiring miracles are accomplished by your power,
leaving everyone dazed and astonished!
Psalm 45:1-4 (TPT)

Grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.
John 1:17

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