Returning to The “Who” Of Our First Love

The Song of songs, which is Solomon’s” ~Song 1:1

The Song Returns Us To The Who Of Our Spiritual BeginningsHistory tells us that King Solomon was known for writing 1005 songs.[1] But incredibly, the only one knowingly preserved unto this day is called the “Song of songs!” Obviously, this makes it very important. In Hebrew, the term “of” is superlative, emphasizing preeminence and choiceness. Other examples are: “King of Kings” and “Holy of Holies.” What this means for us, is to pause, and here consider the life-changing implications of treading further. How would it feel to suddenly come upon a door that reads, “You are entering a sacred place. This is the Song of Heaven itself”? This is essentially what the first part of verse 1 is communicating.

What is YOUR experience with the Song of Songs?

I believe anyone starting off on a journey of faith knows, deep down, that the “Song” is uniquely special and useful for their spiritual life. But unfortunately most don’t have the tools to properly understand it. When I was a young girl, I remember reading the Song in secret, and how it ignited desires in me for what was spiritually possible in my love-relationship with Christ. But being in a strict religious environment, I didn’t have a mature place to talk about the details of sex, let alone a book like the Song of Songs! So it was largely something that I “put on a back burner,” while meanwhile pursuing a more intellectual and dispassionate approach to studying the Bible.

I once heard it said, that a newborn’s spiritual journey begins with a revelation of a “Who.” The simplicity of this newly awakened love is pure and unadulterated. Then as we begin to mature, we take more of an interest in the “What’s” and “Why’s” of our beliefs: What do we believe in? Why do we believe them? This often takes us down more religious/church paths, as we seek out people to teach and guide us. But sadly, more often than not, a relationship with Christ is taken for granted. A revelation of spiritual family is replaced with “church” family, and we fall into pursuits and distractions that are non-intimate by nature: even good things “about” God, but that somehow leave us destitute of a truly meaningful interaction with the “Who” we were once in love with.

This has worked itself out in history, too. Listen to this quote:

“Undefiled religion started off in Palestine as a Relationship,
traveled to Greece where it became a Philosophy,
traveled to Rome where it became an Institution,
traveled to Europe where it became a Culture,
and then to America where it became a Business.”
– unknown

I believe we are in a time of history right now, revealing a remnant of people who are no longer wandering in this wilderness, but instead focused on the “Who” of their first love. They are weary of never-ending opinions on politics, philosophy, and culture. They have shed the garments of dead religion. And they have repented of their fearful wanderings – returning with a whole heart to truly be a part of God’s “intimate Kingdom.”

It is for this remnant that the Song has been locked for, waiting to be released!

My prayer is that in the days ahead, I/we will be aware of any remaining reservations to fully entering into this deeply submitted, and fruitful love-relationship that we were born for.

He taught me how to sing the latest God song,
a praise song to our God.
More and more people are seeing this:
they enter the mystery,
abandoning themselves to God.
~Psalm 40:3

[1] 1 Kings 4:32

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