One Deep Joy Will Share


She and I in that bright glory
One deep joy will share
Hers to be forever with Me–
Mine that she is there.

God’s spirit strives with us, giving breath to our frail bodies with His life.  His goal is for His Bride to be an expression of Him in the earth, an overflowing vessel of light, love, and life – now – in whatever situation we find ourself in.  The truth is, without God we are nothing. But with God we are everything.  What an adventure it is, to take a new breath each morning with the anticipation of having maybe one more day to experience this sacred dance of relational union with God on this planet – in plain sight of the angels and other humans whose lives we touch – all with the result of manifesting His ineffable beauty through our simple life, words, and deeds.   Does it get any better than this?  Even though the Bride may be hard pressed in bodily suffering, her spirit is free to sing and dance and love without bounds. 

This is the joy of heaven.  This is what it feels like to live in the garden of God.

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