Awakening (Part 1 of 6)

worshipping-womanDeep calls to Deep

The talk here is dull, in circles round it goes,
Of knowledge and theory, and things no one knows.

Does anyone miss Him, the intimate gazing,
The long conversations, and passion all blazing?

Deep calls to Deep, knowing something’s not right,
That all that appears good, takes us further from Light.

Oh what have we done, O where have we been led?
That we have woken up so, in a strange person’s bed?

Deep calls to Deep, for all those who still cry,
Who long for the old days, before things went awry.

The journey home is long, but the light’s on the porch,
I’m leaving now, you see, with hope as my torch.

It’s going to be hard, and without you I feel weak,
But the face of God is worth it, to set out to seek.

2 thoughts on “Awakening (Part 1 of 6)

  1. This resonates in such a profound sense…. in that our society book knowledge, abstractions and theories… these are called good and noble endeavours. But that these things miss the essence of GOD, who can not be known except through relationship and experience. “With hope as our torch” – that is all we have when our friends and family don’t understand, as we forge our own way back to our Lord. And it is enough. Deeply, I thank You~

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    • Thanks Asha! “Going back” for me is experientially the “first love” relationship with Christ, and the enjoyment thereof, and you are right, there are many so called good and noble endeavours that bunny trail us off this strait and narrow path. I love you!


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