A Garden With No Fences

The reality of God’s grace in your life is not seen through how you act in your strengths, but rather how you react to other people’s weaknesses.  – Mick Mooney

Today on what is commonly called “Good Friday,” I revisted this video I did about poor “Gerty” the chicken, and seeing it in a new light.

Even to the point of revoking something I said.  It’s a short video… I will put it here, then share something briefly after.

There is a part where I said, “The other chickens found some weakness in her, or some imperfection.” I’m not sure that has to always be true. Maybe with chickens it is, but human nature is such, that it doesn’t have to see a real fault in order to attack others. It can trump up things. The life and death of the most innocent One of all exposes this – and how to respond in love.

“Father forgive them, they don’t know what they are doing.”

Today is a good reminder that it’s time to stop the violence on others.  It’s time to stop ostracizing people and holding back warmth from people because of what they believe, or don’t believe, do, or don’t do.  Who made us a judge of others?

It’s also time to stop the violence upon ourselves.  We have all done things we regret.  We have reminders of it all the time – and sometimes even broken relationships to prove it.  But think about it.  Even if you were perfect in your life, and your angelic reputation was never tarnished, an association with the Cross would still bring scandal and slander upon you.  Of course you aren’t perfect – and you are sorry for things.  But Jesus is not pecking you and putting you outside the fence.  He does not perpetuate the violence.  He knows that hurt and ignorant people hurt people.  Hurt and ignorant people do stupid things.  That’s why He said – “You don’t know what you are doing.”

So forgive yourself.  He has.  And in turn, be a channel for abundant forgiveness to others.

In the Garden of God, there are no fences to separate us from that place of belonging and acceptance.

Do you believe this today?  I woke up believing it – and a burden was lifted.



4 thoughts on “A Garden With No Fences

  1. Good morning Pamela. How are you?
    I love your writings.
    Im an old friend of Vinnys…we are war torn survivors of rose creek village. We and our families had similar experiences and rejection from them.
    Vinny was very loving to us and my sick mother when we were there. Awesome man. He reminds me of my late mother.
    I am so happy you guys have found each other. I look forward to some day meeting you in person with my hubby Phil.
    We are committed to the Phoenix area for at least the next 3 years but perhaps after that we can be intentional neighbors.
    I wish to be a homesteader and to raise worms, chickens, rabbits, goats. To garden and fish and hunt. We are paying off 2.5 acres in the MO Ozarks for this purpose. No building codes there. So alternative building ok.
    But perhaps God would like us to be neighbors. We will see what He wants for the future.
    In the meantime I will enjoy writing you and reading your blog.
    Love in Jesus
    Bethany and Phillip Grieves

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    • Hi Bethany! It’s nice to make your acquaintance. Yes, Vinny is an awesome guy. And so are the many friends who I have met through him. I look forward to getting to know you better, too. :-) I’ll private message you on FB, if you are there, and get your email address. Thank you so much for reading, and reaching out! (P.S. If you are interested in homesteading, my other blog is more focused on that. I’ll share it with you in the message).


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