A Letter to My Friend, and Flame

Know this! There is going to be a shaking and removal of all those things that have been made by human hands and effort, in order that the things that are eternal and cannot be shaken, may remain forever!  
~ Para Hebrews 12:27

My Old Friend.

I’ve been reminiscing lately, of those glorious early days when we first knew each other – those days when the gates of hell could not prevail against us.  Do you remember?  

Do you remember how we believed the best of each other back then, never seeming to notice each other’s faults and weaknesses?  We were certain heaven was on earth, and the world was experiencing Him through us – catching on fire through our pure and overflowing affection.  

I loved how the exact words we spoke or wrote didn’t matter, either.  We communicated constantly with that unique language of ours that did not make sense to those who judged our relationship as scandalous.  At first we did not care.  We were so willing to lose the world, for His Kingdom to break forth into it.

Until it wore us down.  Flesh!  Blood!  The doubts and accusations flying!  I watched as the battle pressed upon us – in fact, ALL of us at once – our flame getting blown about in the relentless turmoil of confusion and the cares of life.  Wounded and weakened without you close by my side, I didn’t know how to be strong for the both of us – let alone for all of us.  When I finally was able to get my voice and call out to you – you were gone.

Oh I miss you my friend!  I have no hard feelings, and believe you always meant to do what’s right, and still want to do what’s right.  Is there hope for us in the days ahead?  Is there still a flicker remaining that we can blow upon and renew?

My heart is willing to forget the past, and move into the future, with you.

My heart is willing to gaze into your beautiful eyes again with love, and see your love for me, too.  

I love you.

~ First Love

2 thoughts on “A Letter to My Friend, and Flame

  1. Pam, I have learned that not only a love for another that endures all things is from God, but the very relationship itself must be a gift from Him or it will not endure. “In Him we live and move and have our being.” Note: the verse says “being” singular, not plural. One life, one love, one body, one soul, one spirit is found IN Christ alone. Thanks for sharing this. I hope you are doing well,

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    • Oh I couldn’t agree more, Michael! The warfare against such gifts is very real, and they will be tested. Tragically, sometimes the spirit is willing to endure, however, but the flesh is weak. This post is a plea for a return of our First Love in Him, and a remembrance of those days when the flame was hot.


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