‘Tis Bethany


There is a place, ’Tis Bethany,
A place I can always stay.
It’s a place right here, so very near,
I enter it when I pray.
I’m pleased to say, the Lord takes rest
Here is this heart of mine.
He eats with me, I speak with Him,
He feeds me bread and wine.

Oh crushing blows! When in the cold,
Outside is a painful place.
But Love in here, sees all my tears,
and washes them from my face.

Oh cozy home, with peace and love,
Nothing can touch me here.
Secret Garden, my High Tower,
How good to know no fear.

I keep this home, all neat and clean,
I make it for His best.
This is the place, ‘Tis Bethany
The Lord is pleased to rest.

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