A Lesson From My Worms

“By the fruit you shall know them, and be nourished with every good thing”

underground-wormsI never thought I’d hear wisdom in worms, but since vermicomposting is a new hobby of mine, (see www.PamSpock.com/worms) I am starting to appreciate their quiet, little voices.

And their remarkable deeds!

Did you know that the world would have a critical garbage problem, and depleted soil issues, (more than it does already) if it wasn’t for the tiniest of creatures such as worms, microbes, and such like?  A single red wiggler worm, for example, can process 10 pounds of material every year – transforming our “waste” into something useful and nutritious.

Another very interesting thing is that what goes into a worm, and then comes out the other end, are practically two different things.  Worm castings (i.e.”poop”) is actually called “black gold” to gardeners, because of how nutritionally dense it is.  Soil that my worms process is miraculously 5 times richer in nitrogen, 10 times in potassium, 7 times in phosphate, 1.5 times in calcium and 3 times richer in magnesium!

It is truly amazing how the Creator shows us his heart through nature.  In His ultimate design, nothing (and might I add, no one) is wasted of all He creates.

You Shall Know Them By their – Dung?

Nothing outside a person can defile them by going into them. Rather, it is what comes out of a person that defiles them – Mark 7:15

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